As the owner of property in our state, sometimes the need for renovation might fall from your list of high priorities. After all, you’ve got maintenance, tenants, taxes, and resale value to think about. However, with Arizona’s booming population and economy, the ever-changing property codes, and the need to keep your property updated and visually appealing, it could very well be time to embark on an expansion or renovation.

TSG Constructors can work with you from the very start of your renovation or buildout project, even if your design concepts aren’t yet finalized. Need ideas or suggestions? Our experienced team can help. Regardless of the complexity or size of your project, our team is familiar and comfortable with the permitting process so that your project execution is as seamless as possible. Plus, our team gets working right away to secure all needed permits and paperwork; thus, eliminating the frustration of projects stopped midway to wait on required items.

We designate a project manager just for your project, who efficiently sees that the needed construction is completed on time and within your budget. Even when unforeseen deadline obstacles come about, we have the ability to compensate for these and other mishaps and still complete the project in a timely manner.

Some examples of tenant improvements and buildouts we can help with include:

  • Changes made to inner walls, floorings, or ceilings
  • Installation of cubicles in an existing office, or exam rooms in a medical facility
  • Expansion to existing park structures such as bathrooms, play areas, or a pergola
  • Improvements to make a property ADA compliant, including addition or repair of ramps, widening of doorways, and adjustment of bathroom facilities
  • Addition of another floor in a building, including stairs and elevators
  • Expansion of parking structures
  • Updating a property to bring it up to current safety standards
  • Expansion of a school, retail space, office building, or private residence to accommodate growth

We realize that the daily business of the property can’t always come to a halt during renovations. Because of this, we are skilled and experienced with foreseeing risks and complications so we can address and remedy them, leading to little disruption to daily routines of the property. 

At TSG, our craftsmanship is second to none. As we work on your property improvements or buildouts, you’ll quickly understand why we were awarded both the Arizona Masonry Guild Merit Award and the Arizona Masonry Guild Citation Award. During this very important time in the life of your property, don’t you want experts with nearly three decades of experience to complete the task? 

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